Monday, May 9, 2011

Mini eBook Reader with 4.3 inch touch screen is released by

Online PR News announced that they release a mini ebook reader, which is like before models, but with 4.3 inch touch screen.

“ see many people like to use Kindle to read although paper books are not read by them, they like novelty gadgets. However, feel that Kindle is a bit huge considering convenience” Said Joe, the product Manager in “ Based on this consideration, design and release this mini ebook reader, which is only 4.3 inch touch screen”

With a 4.3 inch touch screen, this eBook Reader is easy to hold, you can put it into your pocket, it is indeed that you can read anywhere and anyplace.

“ Although the screen is 4.3 inch, the body of this device is tiny, did not cut any of its functions” Said Joe. “ We built in most of book formats in it, such as: TXT, PDF, EPUB, CHM, HTML, PDB AND UMD, to most of people surprise, also add multi-media functions in it ”

After we test, this mini ebook reader supports Mp3, APE, WMA and FLAC audio format, also, can supports MPEG, DAT, VOB, RMVB, AVI(H.624, DIVX, XVID), PMP AND MKV video format.

“ We add these functions because we did not want reader feel boring when they are watching TXT formats only, they can listen to music or watch a video after they read” said Joe.
This mini ebook reader is convenient to take, easy to use, and with wholesale price. So learn more you can visit official website.

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