Monday, May 16, 2011

Author Touted As "Stephen King For The 21st Century" Makes New eBook Title Available For Free

PRLog (Press Release) – May 15, 2011 – A high-speed rise to notoriety for author Brandon Messerschmidt seemed likely when readers began calling him "The Stephen King of the 21st century" upon the release of his self-published novel "Said To Contain" early this year. His debut work, "Unholy Advent: Deception Of The Christ" had won him praise amongst a small faction of readers when it became the subject of a fiery campaign mounted by religious groups bent on seeing it banned, but this latest novel promises to bring him into a much more mainstream spotlight.

This second offering, coming to market just two months after his first release, tells the suspenseful tale of a truck driver named Randy Johnston trying to earn an honest living while making his way back home from across the country for a scheduled visit with his young son. What the driver doesn't know when he picks up his load from Oceanside, California, is that his trailer has become the means of transport for something that is not of this world. Strange dreams and run-ins with individuals who seem less than typical along the way clue him in to what's afoot, but the true nature of what's happening doesn't set in until he finds himself being chased by malicious men and women with glowing purple eyes who insist that he and his son will die if he doesn't turn his trailer over to them. On the other hand, a trusted companion he meets along the way claims to serve for a branch of the military charged with returning his payload to the stars. He speaks of apocalyptic events that will befall the whole of the world if these creatures are allowed to take possession of "Polyphemus," the strange cargo trailing behind Johnston's haggard Kenworth tractor.

As the story unfolds, Johnston must weigh the potential costs of fulfilling the wishes of either contingent as his boy is taken captive and held for the ransom of his cooperation. He learns that not all is as it seems as the plot takes several heart-stopping twists and turns, culminating in an intergalactic showdown near the launch pads of Kennedy Space Center.

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