Thursday, August 19, 2010

B&N Rebrands Its Nook eReader Software For Various Platforms

E-reading software is swiftly making its way from eReaders to mobile handsets. Barnes & Noble had unleashed its highly anticipated Nook sometime back and the company now updates its Nook-branded eReading software for the iPhone.

Less than a month after introducing an Android App, Barnes and Noble has released a completely revamped version of their apps for iPhone and iPad. The iPad app now includes a familiar one- to five-star rating system, and the ability to sort by ranking.

The improved iPhone app ads some of the best functionality from its iPad counterpart, allowing users to completely customize the look of their pages or choose from several professionally-designed themes. Additionally, you can change font styles, size, and spacing for the best reading experience possible. The iPhone app is optimized for viewing on the iPhone 4's retina display screen, but will run with the same functionality on older iPhones.

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