Monday, February 2, 2009

E-Book Devices: Plastic Logic's eReader (Dossier)

Plastic Logic is a spin-off company from Cambridge University's Cavendish Laboratory and specializes in polymer transistors and electronics. The principal product the company has developed is a flexible A4-size and robust plastic electronic display the thickness of a credit-card. It will be the core part of the upcoming eReader.

The headquarters of Plastic Logic is in Cambridge, United Kingdom. A factory for the mass-production of the display units was opened on September 17th 2008 in Dresden, Germany.

The release date of Plastic Logic's eReader is announced to be the second half of 2009 for selected partners only with general release in early 2010. It is intended as a replacement for paper, allowing electronic documents to be transported and read just like paper documents. It will have a thickness of less than 7 mm, a form factor of 8.5" x 11" and a weight of less than 16 oz. It will be capable of displaying MS Office documents (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), PDF files and others. The eReader has no official name until now, but on the homepage, you can find an image of the eReader displaying a fictitious market report from 2010, that refers to the eReader calling it Plastic Logic's Dossier.

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